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Kristen Jane Anderson has been featured on Oprah and is a popular speaker at colleges, women's and youth events, churches, and suicide prevention outreaches. A graduate of Moody Bible Institute and the founder of Reaching You Ministries, Kristen seeks to help those who are hurting, hopeless, lost, suicidal or depressed.

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After a decrease from 2019-2020, in 2021 the CDC reported that suicides had increased by 4%. Approximately 130 lives are lost each day. 

3 Things You Need To Know

  • ​Suicide is a leading cause of death in the US. 
  • ​Someone dies to suicide every 11 minutes in the US. ​
  • ​Suicide is 100% Preventable. We must all help bring a stop to this!

"Suicide is never the answer! Suicide will always take from you more than it could ever bring you."

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