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We help people who are hurting and struggling with their mental health to find more hope, peace, joy, and purpose! 

We are on a mission to help stop suicide, to bring mental health awareness, and to help the hurting, the hopeless, the lost, the depressed, and suicidal find the life transforming hope offered to us in Christ! 

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To All Who Are Hurting

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I Thought I Couldn't
Take It Anymore

At the age of 17 I had become overwhelmed by wave after wave of emotional trauma I become hopeless. I didn't think I could take my life anymore. I wanted the pain to end and in an impulsive moment I tried to take my life.  I laid on a set of train tracks near my parents home and was run over by 33 freight train cars at 55 miles per hour. 

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It Felt Like
No One Loved Me

"I am twenty-five years old. When I was eighteen, I started to feel that I am not good enough for anything. I felt like no one loved me or cared for me, and I was the unluckiest girl in this world. Each day I wished to be dead and not see the next day. I read Kristen's book and I am so touched by it. I want you to know that you are changing lives not only in your nation, but you are changing lives around the world."

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I Was An Atheist

"I was an athiest but I after I heard Kristen share her story I realized that the way I thought of God was wrong.  I have struggled with depression for the past several years and I've wanted to take my own life many times. But I prayed to accept Jesus with Kristen and it feels as if God is with me me now I feel a new hope and renewal for my life. Kristen, thank you so much!" 


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